1. Suspect

From the recording THE JAWS OF LIFE

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This song Suspect is moving up on the Number One Music charts for good reason. I've had more than enough experience with being an Innocent Suspect. In fact, on 7/9/15 my fiance' and I were surrounded by 4+ cop cars and almost wrongfully arrested after donating to Goodwill that night. The contracted "out of state" surveillance company employee on duty that night called the local police here in Lafayette, LA and said that we were stealing then noticed the cameras and changed our minds. In less than 5 minutes were barricaded by cops at the nearest signal light about 100 feet from the Goodwill donation center.

A couple of the cops were absolutely rude being self-convinced that we were guilty, when no crime was actually committed. In fact, I was doing the opposite by donating some furniture of mine and giving it away.

One cop in particular really had it in for me and was about to draw his gun on me even though I was fully cooperating. I guess he was trying extremely hard to not be gullible and be "fooled". He DID NOT believe us. They held us up for at least 45 minutes.

I previously wrote this song because of my past experiences with racial profiling. Little did I know it would come true again. I guess the police station saw the full surveillance footage by now, but never had anyone to call and apologize even though we were threatened to be arrested at our residence by the next day.